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Taarkik Legal

Modern law firm offering high end quality Legal services to micro, small & medium businesses & industries

Advisory & Consultancy

Multiple organizations need legal advisors who can help with day-to-day activities, as well as corporate life events across many jurisdictions. Taarkik Legal practitioners to deliver efficient and transparent support for the legal activities companies manage.


With the corporate sector on the rise and the consequent regulations becoming more and more complex, it is necessary to ensure that the policies and procedures of your company are in compliance with the rules and guidelines formulated by various regulatory authorities. Ensuring legal compliance is a time-consuming as well as labor-intensive task.


A constantly evolving audit and assurance process, to deliver high-quality services in an efficient and effective way that upholds integrity and drives value by focusing on what really matters.


Pre-Litigation/Mediation, a type of substitute debate goal works to accomplish a sensible settlement between the parties. The course of mediation includes a nonpartisan outsider which helps in the deliberate goal of the questions. Settling contrasts with security and confidentiality is useful. the mediation assists with settling contrasts stirred while managing the authoritative commitment, manager representative relations, partnerships, association, and so forth the mediation is a private interaction, more affordable, dodges future cases and clashes besides legitimizes the worry of the gatherings inside four corners.

Dispute Resolution

Taarkik Legal is founded on the philosophy of ‘WIN-WIN’ where our practitioner’s lawyers act as peace-makers to help our clients transform their conflicts into meaningful relationships through effective dispute resolution strategies.

Due Diligence

Each business agreement involves due diligence on the grounds that the parties are worried about authentic issues connecting with their choice to go into the transaction and about the terms on which they will do the exchange. It is a far-reaching evaluation of the conceivable lawful dangers related to the matter of the objective organization/business concerned.


Our full-service litigation support organization helps law firms and lawyers across the India. We stand separated from other litigation support firms and have in no time acquired a standing as a prevalent supplier of lawful help services intended to remove the pressure and bother from planning for litigation.

Pro Bono

We take our responsibility to serving and strengthening our communities very sincerely. To this end, we seek to uphold our professional and ethical obligations by offering free legal assistance to underprivileged or otherwise vulnerable persons and institutions.

We dedicate a percentage of  our team member’s  time and energy to pro bono legal services (for free or at reduced charge). All lawyers at Taarkik Legal are strongly encouraged to pursue and promote healthy empanelment with local and regional Legal Aid Committees, as well as to seek and concede legal cases and matters both in and out of court, at appropriately reduced if not entirely waived professional fees.

Regardless of a client’s capacity to pay, we give the same level of competent counsel and legal assistance. Our pro bono issues are treated the same as the firm’s normal billable matters, with the same level of attention, devotion, and resources.